Introducing ‘SparkleKlear’

‘Sparkleklear’ is a unique design Patent pending cork that offers many functions in the making of sparkling wine in the field of home brewing and commercially within the vineyard.

‘Sparkleklear’ enables the home brewer the opportunity to elevate their game and easily move up to making their wines into sparkling wine.

‘Sparkleklear’ also enables the opportunity for huge carbon footprint reduction on the commercial side by enabling the wine producers to use smaller lighter bottles.

So Let’s Look at the Things ‘Sparkleklear’ Does.

  • Enables the home brewer to make and easily disgorge sparkling wine.
  • Enables samples to be taken during & after fermentation
  • Reusable.
  • Positive social impact.
  • Pressure can be tested and monitored.
  • Additions can be made to the wine.
  • Enables unskilled rural employment worldwide.
  • Vineyards can make sparkling wine without purchasing the expensive equipment associated with sparkling wine.
  • Vineyards can experiment & make small quantities of sparkling wine
  • Vineyards can increase revenue.
  • Carbon footprint reduction, the winemaker can monitor pressures and decide to use lighter bottles.
  • Vineyard can design recipes with less ‘vineyard pressure’ as less pressure is lost on disgorgement enabling lightweighting.
  • Thus a base wine of higher alcohol content can be used.
  • Bottles can be moved after disgorging so can be corked and dressed off-site. Saving equipment cost.
  • Enables wider experimentation with flavours recipes.
  • Could enable a new style of wine to be produced that is as yet unknown.

How Do You Use ‘Sparkleklear’

  • Step 1 Prepare your base wine for secondary fermentation and fill the sparkling wine bottles.
  • Step 2  Fit the ‘Sparkleklear’ cork to the bottle and secure with the closure provided.
  • Step 3 Fermentation takes place testing the pressure along the way.
  • Step 4 When fermentation is complete the wine will clear and settle & the pressure will stabilise. 
  • Step 5 When the wine has been laid down for your required time invert the bottle and riddle it until the yeast sediment is compacted into the hopper in the cork. 
  • Step 6 Carefully pick up the bottle without disturbing the sediment and very gently depress and release the valve and the sediment will squirt out.
  • Step 7 Visually check to see if all the yeast has been expelled if not then allow the sediment to settle again and repeat step 6. 
  • Step 8 Chill down your wine until very cold remove the ‘Sparkleklear’ by releasing the closure, the pressure will expel the cork then re-cork and dress the bottle as required.
  • Step 9 Lay down your dressed bottle of wine until ready to drink.
  • Step 10 Redeploy your ‘Sparkleklear’ on a fresh batch of sparkling wine

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